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Anthropology Observation

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Anthropology Observation

Introduction to Wendy’s Restaurant

Wendy restaurant is one of the biggest first food restaurants in the US as well as in the international market. Wendy’s restaurant is based in Dublin in Ohio and is open to all people despite their race and age. Due to the increasing need of eating health to promote good health, Wendy restaurants have adopted the new trending healthy foods, which are offered at a relatively low price, hence, making it affordable for people across the different social, economic status. Despite focusing on the health foods, Wendy’s restaurant is specialized with foods such as hamburgers, white meat sandwiches, French fries, and soft drinks. Importantly while focusing on Wendy’s activities, one realizes that some of the anthropology concepts which include gender, culture, race and ethnicity, as well as society ideas guide activities in the restaurant.

Gender Concept

The Wendy’s first food restaurant is open to both the male and female gender and also people with different gender identities.  The restaurant’s customers are diverse as the restaurant can serve as many men as women, and also do not focus on matters such as gender identities.  Additionally, the employees working in Wendy’s restaurant compose both the male and female whereby the two genders roles are not distinct as it was in the traditional set up as the men were working in the kitchen as chefs as well as serving the customers, traditionally viewed as the female gender’s duties.  While seated and watching the activities in the restaurant, it was easy to determine that the restaurant did not discriminate employees and customer are on gender basis but rather provided the two genders with equal opportunity to work as employees or as the restaurant customers (Petráček, 2014). Additionally, the foods that Wendy’s restaurant provides is not specific, and it is consumable by both genders irrespective of one’s age and gender.

Culture Concept

Culture as people way of life which include beliefs, knowledge, morals, societal values,  laws and customers which influence socialization of an individual in the society (Srivastava, 2013),  as demonstrated in Wendy’s restaurant. Firstly, the foods that Wendy’s restaurant offers which include the hamburgers, French fries, and beverages are foods that have been widely accepted in the US as well as in the international culture. In this case, Wendy’s restaurant matches the people’s way of life by offering them with what they believe is a delicacy in their societies. Additionally, due to the increased knowledge and need for people to change their way of life in an attempt to promote healthy leaving, Wendy’s restaurant ensures the provision of these new needs by providing nutritious foods which in turn promotes good health. Also, the restaurant demonstrated a business culture that emphasizes on the important of serving people in the best possible way (Srivastava, 2013). In this case, Wendy’s employees are friendly, welcoming and always at the service of their customers which is a culture among many businesses which prioritizes on quality services and products for their customers.

Race and Ethnicity

Race refers to the categorization of people based on their physical characters, heredity factors, as well as social matters (Srivastava, 2013). On the other hand, ethnicity refers to referencing to a particular group of people with some similarities which link them together such as their origin, social factors, shared language, culture and finally having a common background (Srivastava, 2013).  Despite the fact that Wendy’s restaurant is located in a White’s nation, some Black American had freedom to purchase the products offered by the restaurant. During the observation, since the US is a white’s nation and the white form the bigger population of the US it is automatic that there were high numbers of Whites entering and leaving the restaurant. At the same time, there were also blacks who seemed happy about the services offered in the restaurant and one could also see them as they enter and leave the restaurant after being attended to. Additionally, despite the racial and ethnic differences between the whites and the Blacks as well as other racial groups such as Hispanics, the restaurant served each client individually without discriminating anyone on the racial and ethnic background. Importantly, the restaurant manager has upheld and appreciated racial differences as the restaurant employees are made up of numerous races. It is also important to indicate that the clients and employees of Wendy restaurant share a common language which is English as all people in the restaurant understood and communicated in English.

Social Concept

The last anthropology concepts to discuss are the social concept which refers to a group of people in constant social interaction and living the same geographical area and subject to a specific political authority (Petráček, 2014). Additionally, in society, the groups’ behaviors are influenced by the cultural and social expectation present in the location. The Wendy’s restaurant is located in Dublin in Ohio, and this implies that the restaurant is under the leadership of Ohio State. The society expects that the restaurant should socialize and meet the people of Ohio needs, taste, and preference, of which the restaurant have met through provision of socially recognized foods and abiding by the rules and regulations of the state (Petráček, 2014). While observing the activities in Wendy restaurant, it was evidence that the employees had good personal interaction skills, for example, when a client entered the restaurant, he was greeted and directed to a place to seat, after which one was welcomed and provided with the menu. In this case, the employees interact with the customers on a personal level to determine what they want so as to ensure that they serve the customers effectively.


Observing and learning people’s behavior in a natural setting is interesting. At first, one wonders how human’s action related to the knowledge that one have acquired and proving it right or wrong through the observation amazing. Initially, observing people getting into and out of Wendy’s restaurant was an obvious act as it was not the first encounter where I sat as I observed people. But this time round, it was a different case, as I applied the concepts of anthropology in understanding and relating people’s behavior in Wendy’s restaurant. From the observations, one could clearly determine the concept of anthropology used in different situations, for example, when one saw children, men, and women entering and leaving the restaurant one understood the concept of age and gender. Additionally, when people of different racial groups such as whites, Asians, blacks, and Hispanics entered the restaurant one was sure that the restaurants were not discriminate on a racial basis. Additionally, the interaction between employees and the customers as well as interaction among employees was clear evidence that human beings are social beings and always in an interactive session, hence, the reflection of the social concept of anthropology. Lastly, is how culture diversity appreciated in Wendy’s restaurant whereby people of diverse culture appreciate and like the western culture type of foods.


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