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Computer Networking

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Computer Networking

The Scenario Global Advertising (GAI) would like to implement a windows network infrastructure. It is a new firm that is hiring new staff and has considered two locations, which are to be served by a fully dedicated Information Technology department. The IT department will take over all the IT-related services to avoid further outsourcing. The company needs all its core IT services that will last a period of two or three years or more, without necessitating replacement.

The company intends on employing about 90 employees in the following departments:

  1. Executive (9 employees)
  2. Accounts and Sales (15 employees)
  3. Creative, Media, and Production Department (49 employees)
  4. Advertising and Human Resources and Finance (12 employees)
  5. Information Technology Department (5).

All the departments mentioned above will be spread across the two stations used by the company, and will need proper access to the network. The two stations are based in Los Alamos, New Mexico and Newark, New Jersey. The latter is expected to host at least a single employee from each department, depending on the decision of the Human Resource department, while the rest work in the former location.

Figure 1: Company network showing the server connections across the remote location and LANs.

The company will operate majorly on the Intranet as it is the more secure mode of sharing information, away from the public. Each department will have its dedicated resources that will be specific to their function while others, such as collaboration software and other sharable resources will be placed at a centralized location for access by everyone. This network will be shared over a LAN created on the Windows Server 2012. The material requiring restricted access will be secured using user passwords of individuals working in the respective departments. The website will be configured to provide access to the various customized departmental websites by omission of certain navigation options. The managers and other employees with a higher clearance will be able to access more functions than the other employees. These features will be configured in the design of the website. The Windows 2012 supports multi-server utility, GUI, PowerShell management, data deduplication to avoid wastage of server space, and storage live migration. A DFS will be needed to help enhance data transparency and availability, especially considering that a back-up server will be needed to store all the files accessible on the network.

Considering that there are two locations that will need to share a database, there is the need to create a centralized datacenter that will use the Server core. The advantage of this server is that it allows only limited functions, allowing the processing and storage power to be dedicated to hosting the network. Server core 2008 will be used as the default server environment. Two servers will be needed to support the network; one will be located in New Jersey while the other, in New Mexico. The two will be connected over the secure IPSec tunnel. An Active Directory will be needed to assign domains to each device connected to the shared network. The system will use DHCP to automatically allocate server IP addresses to any computer that is connected, for easier resolution of the domains. A shared printer will be installed in each of the two stations. For ease of operation as well as security, dedicated browsers will be used for the Intranet, with the default server address specified. Any other installed browsers will be able to connect to the Internet through a shared WLAN/LAN.

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