Daoism and Confucianism

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Daoism and Confucianism

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The Daoism concept of wu Wei is all about doing or living your life with the least amount of struggles. Normally, we tend to believe that struggling or putting in the excessive effort will yield the kind of results we are looking for. Daoism beliefs that wu wei should be the way to live life because it is a mental state where an individual applies almost no form of struggle to achieve certain aspects of their life. Therefore, it can be said that it is a mental concept that means “non-doing’ and that it should be portrayed in our actions. Personally, I find that I apply the wu wei concept in my life when it comes to my studies. Often or not, I have found myself not struggling to grasps the teachings of different course lessons that I am have considered to be difficult. My mentality towards such subjects has always been to take things easily and somehow everything always falls into place.

Confucius was known for his contributions in Chinese empire but today, his theories apply globally. One of his most important teachings has to be on his emphasis on education. He believed that it was important mostly because of how it could improve human life. For Confucius, when an individual gets educated, their life is improved in terms of what they can be capable of achieving. For this reason, everyone is entailed to get educated because it is the only way people can prosper in this life (Travel China Guide). These ideas matter to my own beliefs on education because it is my mantra that education is power. When we are educated, we gain the right knowledge that can break down any barrier towards our success and growth.

It is also my belief that education is important because it allows for the human mind to be freed. There is nothing as devastating as someone being ignorant not because of their own doing but because they do not have the necessary educational background. Through education, one can learn to read and write and this allow can open and free their minds to greater things. Simply put, the more we become educated, the more our intelligence is increased and thus we become more aware of our surrounding.

Education is so important that it has a positive relationship with the society in terms of the latter’s health. When the individuals of the society are educated, it benefits economically. This is out of the fact that the right education means people acquire the basic knowledge, skills, and experience to perform certain job-related tasks. This allows for the economy of the society to grow and develop even further. There is also the aspect of promoting civilization. The much we have to achieve today as the human population would not have been possible if we were not educated. Therefore, for civilization to be experienced, people have to be educated. Lastly, there is the impact of social impact. We tend to be nurtured in different ways based on our cultural beliefs. However, because of education, some of the negative cultural beliefs can be discouraged thus promoting oneness and solidarity within the society. A society that is united is more healthy that one that is not because of the related destructions associated with the latter.

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