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IS Technology Current Event

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IS Technology Current Event

A current event that demonstrates the implementation of a new IS technology is the 1-to-1 program at the Mooresville High School in MooreSville, N.C. This is an event demonstrated by the school principal, Todd Wirt during the education week (Herold, 2017). According to the school principal, the new 1-to-1 Computing education program has enhanced the school culture in that it has changed the way in which teachers provide teaching to students. Students have also been seen as having better understanding of what they have learned in class as a result of personalized learning that has come with the new implementation of the new IS technology in the school. The implementation is one way that has given the school a competitive advantage in the education sector to compete effectively with other schools.

1-to-1 computing program has had the impact of enhancing student learning and teacher’s access to educational material using their laptops, digital tablets and net books.  With the use of web-based laptops, chrome books and Pads in the school has been able to improve its learning environment and resources. Reflecting on the technological implementation within the institution, it is seen that that IS technology has improved the functional as well as operational process in the current school practices. In this case, the new 1-to-1 computing program has spurred better learning through the provision of standardized tests that are delivered online (Wirt, 2011). The implementation of this IS technology has allowed teachers to use software in delivering learning content and lessons in a more personalized manner. Students can also learn at their paces and capability level. Students have also been empowered to learn and do more in their classroom through improved creativity using digital as well as online applications and tools. The school management and administration has also been improved and this has enhanced the collection of information about students, teachers and other staffs in the institution. There is also improved communication among teachers, students and parents.


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