Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay Example

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Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay Example

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Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay

Jennifer Laird English 1101 Medical Marijuana In “Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal”, by Daniel J – Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay introduction. Pfeifer, the author states what he thinks justifies medical marijuana being legal. I disagree with that completely, because medical marijuana has no proven medicinal values to make it a legal form of medication. The article states that, “marijuana use, especially by terminally ill patients, mitigates their suffering from unnecessary chronic and unbearable pain that persists until death. ” Marijuana may help with the pain for a short period of time while under the influence of marijuana, but there is no medicinal value.

Kleber, MD, Director of the Division on Substance Abuse at Columbia University and a former director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy says that “smoked marijuana is seen as being able to relieve nausea associated with cancer chemotherapy, but the drug ondansetron is also superb for nausea and vomiting” (Alcoholism). Food and Drug Administration stands behind that saying “marijuana has no medicinal value” (Mayo). The article states that marijuana has been used as a medicine for over five thousand years.

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It was used in India in the tenth Century to treat diarrhea, diabetes, tuberculosis, asthma, elephantiasis, anemia and rabies. In 1850 the United States listed marijuana it in the Pharmacopoeia, a book describing drugs, chemicals, and medicinal preparations, as a treatment for insanity. One may find that interesting as now evidence is showing that users are experiencing the “induction or aggravation of psychosis” (Mayo. ) There was a study conducted in 1997 by the National Institutes of Health, and “five areas in which medical marijuana may provide therapeutic value were identified, though further research is still required.

” This article was published in 2013, which is 16 years after this study was conducted, and no further research by the NIC of medical marijuana has been released. This shows number one, how hard it is to do research on marijuana for medicinal purposes because of the federal laws on it. And number two if no further research has been published after 16 years when the original research showed areas that may provide therapeutic value, there is not enough data to prove that they will. The article states that marijuana should at least be moved

from Schedule I to Schedule II in the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, so it is a legal medicine. There is no reason to do that when the only proof that marijuana works medicinally is for short term pain relief. It should stay in Schedule I as having “high abuse potential and no currently accepted medical use” (Mayo. ) The DEA proposed a plan stating that “any patient using marijuana, and any physician prescribing it, would face federal prosecution; the physicians, in addition, would lose their drug licenses and might even be banned from Medicare and Medicaid” (Grass Roots).

This just shows how dangerous it can be to be a physician prescribing medical marijuana, if you decide to prescribe it to the wrong person who has different intentions, it can cost you big time. Medical marijuana can have its benefits of providing some pain relief for ill people. This is not enough to make it a form of medicine that can be prescribed, such as codeine. Marijuana is still a Shedule I drug, and is illegal, even in states where medical marijuana is legal.

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