Poverty of American People

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Poverty of American People

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Dynamics of Poverty

The level of poverty has almost doubled in the recent years as compared to the 90s. The main cause being laid off cuts in working hours, health problems and other crises. The worst hit areas being the suburban areas and metropolitan areas in the United States. The recession not only made the poor poorer but also pulled down most of those who were in the middle class into poverty. Today, 15% of the American population is poor; this is the highest rate of poverty since 1993. Among those getting into the jaws of poverty include the college educated, who form the middle class. The worst hit groups are the minority who mainly include immigrants; most of them fall below the cut off line of poverty which is roughly $22,000 (“Poverty affects 46 million Americans”, 2017).

People’s understanding of poverty

The fact that poverty has hit most people has made people more understanding of each other. People who thought themselves immune to the poverty net were also affected either directly or indirectly, this may be due to a family member being hit by poverty thus a necessity to support them financially. Unlike earlier where poverty could be attributed to economic vices at an individual level, currently it is a national financial crisis affecting everyone including the educated and the very well experienced in various fields of work which are respectable. People are therefore bound by moral duty and fear of tomorrow to understand those affected as they never know where poverty will hit next (Poverty affects 46 million Americans, 2017).

Helping the poor

The main cause of poverty is joblessness. Therefore, the main solution to poverty is work for everyone. Not just work, but reliable, adequate and well-paying work. Availing work is the only permanent solution to this predicament. However, other solutions have been put in play to hold the fort for the time being. These include food relief from local food banks, which provide food assistance at really needed times and unemployment benefits for those laid off from jobs. The latter may not be enough but it helps a little bit. More to that, people need to be advised on savings plans, insurance covers and having more than one source of income so as to indemnify themselves in case of financial storm (Faces of Poverty Changing, 2017).

Effects of poverty

Poverty has very adverse effects on people. Families tend to go through a hard time especially where there are dependents. These dependents may include children of school-going age and the aged who have to be supported financially. Families may tend to break up for mistaking, not having to refusing to, especially where responsibilities have to be shared and one or all parties are having financial difficulties. Poverty may also tend to affect people health-wise. Where there is poverty, there is loss of dignity (Iceland, 2013). This may be too much to handle especially for a person who had been earning a reasonable amount then came down crushing. The person may suffer depression having been accustomed to the finer things in life only to lose them and start relying on aid. Children also born in poverty suffer adversely. They may fail to acquire proper nutrition or achieve academic goals thus putting the entire future generation at risk (Poverty affects 46 million Americans, 2017).


Poverty levels especially in recent years are rising at an alarming rate. Though people have initiated communal roles in fighting poverty, a permanent solution needs to be made for the sake of those affected and future generations.


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