Quality Management & Productivity Essay Example

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Quality Management & Productivity Essay Example

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Quality Management & Productivity Essay

Quality Management & Productivity

Due to globalization processes taken place in modern society management is essential and inevitable part of the modern business world and its significance is really dominant and great – Quality Management & Productivity Essay introduction. The role of management lies in ability to assess the current environment, to implement a TQM concepts, to develop a vision and mission for particular organization, to increase quality awareness and communications, etc. Nevertheless, I think that the most important concept of this course is the ability to implement problem solving techniques. Every person faces problems either in personal life or in career development on a daily basis. Problems are inevitable part of our society, and to succeed one needs to develop stronger problem solving skills. A number of efficient techniques are available for problem solving depending on the people involved and the nature of the problem. Generally, problem solving embraces clarifying and analyzing the causes of the problem, finding all possible alternatives, assessing the efficiency of the found alternatives and, finally, finding the best solution.

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The ability to implement problem solving techniques gives advantages over those who fail or pretend not to pay proper time to problem solving management. Problem solving techniques are to be applied to make improvements in both professional career and personal life. In personal life they can be applied to establishing warm relations, avoiding unnecessary problems, finding compromises, etc. In professional life problem solving techniques should be applied to avoiding employee-employee conflicts, finding proper business solution, avoiding law violations, etc. Problem-solving techniques underline the importance of creativity and critical thinking as they are necessary for reshaping old principles into fresh and new ones. Summing up, problem solving techniques are necessary for finding new partnerships, for driving growth in corporate and social marketing strategies, for building and maintaining markets and for making positive social contribution. Individuals with stronger problem solving skills can find ways how to increase influence and impact on customers.


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