Same Sex Marriages Essay Example

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Same Sex Marriages Essay Example

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Same Sex Marriages Essay – Part 3

The issue of same sex marriages has continued to reign in the public court with the debate raging to a point of drawing emotions – Same Sex Marriages Essay introduction. Denmark was the first country in the world to give a legal recognition to same sex marriages creating a spiraling effect in the United States where activists have been pressurizing the individual states to give a formal recognition of such marriages. The debate continues to draw controversy pitting conservatives led by the Catholic Church on one side and the liberalists on the other side.

Those who are against same sex marriages claim that it is against the very foundation of the society and the guiding principles of the mainstream religion. The position of this paper is that the state should not outlaw same sex marriages as it is tantamount to infringing on ones basic rights and that ones sexual preferences should not be used to bar one from marrying in America. The United States prides itself of being the epitome of democracy where there is respect for the rights of all and where discrimination based on color, creed and gender is frowned upon and is legally prohibited.

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The Bill of Rights also further protects freedom of choice, association and movement, which are the basic tenets of any progressive nation. Banning hence of the same sex marriages is a contravention of the same principles the bill of rights purports to advocate for. Homosexuals are law abiding citizens that should enjoy their rights indiscriminately similar to the heterosexual partners (George 19) Allowing same sex marriages will strengthen more than weaken the institution of marriage.

A look at the second half of the last century reveals episodic moments of sex revolution with the institution of marriage being threatened and divorce rates going up at phenomenal rates of over 30% of most marriages in the United States. Conservatives hold that a legalization of gay marriages will indeed spell doom for the institution of marriage. This however is clearly refuted by a close analysis of Denmark where same sex marriages are legal. The rate of same sex marriages is lesser by over five times that of heterosexuals.

If indeed the institution of marriage is threatened by the evolution in the society, then bringing into the marriage circle the homosexuals, it will be a further strengthening block to the institution. Legalizing same sex marriage “would integrate a long isolated group into the world of love and family” (Andrew) There are a number of arguments that have been forwarded so as to discredit same sex marriages. Key to this is that same sex marriages are against the core essence of marriages; children.

Cultural and societal norms hold that the key motivation behind marriages is procreation. Naturally, same sex marriages are not expected to bear any children and hence should be banned. This argument though fails to extend the same sex relationships can adopt kids just like childless counterparts in the heterosexual relationships. A legalization of such marriages will indeed be for the benefits of kids as it will slowly eradicate the existing stigma. This prohibition is bringing more harm than benefits. An example is where kids “are teased because they don’t have a real family. (Evan) This is because of the stigma caused by the banning off same sex marriages. In conclusion, it is apparent that there is no solid reason why people should be barred from enjoying a lawful union due to their sexual preferences. Contrary to popular arguments by the conservatives, legalization of same sex marriages will not weaken the institution of marriage as it will bring thousands of homosexuals into civil unions. Homosexuals hence should be allowed to exercise their basic civil rights and access the same facilities and benefits enjoyed by heterosexual partners.

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