The Internet of Things – Module 1

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The Internet of Things – Module 1

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1) In a Paragraph, Explain the Concept of “The Internet of Things”.

Due to the current development in technology, the internet also received an influx of great information and data. This stream of information has led to the digitization of services and data exchange methods enabling better management, monetization, operation and expansion of the user models leading to an “Internet of Things” (Spender, 2015). The “Internet of Things” is where technology takes over and allows control of devices and models through the internet. The virtual world of the internet has merged with the day to day real world. All businesses are making decisions that are in line with this trend so as to optimize their performance.

The concept “Internet of Things” abbreviated as IoT, is an integration of the internet and the real world. Objects that exist physically, for example, phones and cars, can be connected to the internet and to each other leading to the development of intelligent systems which are also interconnected, having the ability to interact with the environment thus providing relevant data on current events (Jones & Kleynhans, 2015). These intelligent systems may just exist to present the current state or conditions in the environment or can be complex enough to analyze data, trends and come up with predictions for future events. The internet allows for any device to be linked to it through simple programs that may be run in the form of applications. This linking enables the user to control and monitor more than on device in different environments simultaneously.

2) Identify and Discuss what You Believe to Be the Significant/Major Issues Connected to the IoT. Find two Additional Resources to Support Your Point of View. Include the Citation

As more and more devices and services become connected and evolve into an IoT, weak points for cybercrime propagation have increased in tandem. Security has become a major concern facing company data, and private information as more and more devices become interconnected (Federal Trade Commission, 2015, p. 10). Criminals are developing ways and means of bypassing security systems that have been put in place to protect personal data and are going a step further to encrypt the information. Big companies such as Sony have fallen victim of these criminal heists, leading to unforeseen losses in the business. They use ransomware which installs malicious software onto personal devices, depriving the user control if their device thus jeopardizing businesses.

Privacy has also been of great concern for the IoT. Information acquired by devices is being used for ill motives including framing users in courts, defrauding them or even ruining reputations (Burnett, 2015). Vigorous efforts are being employed by relevant companies to develop solutions that will face out the privacy concerns. Sensors that are fitted to devices allow for collecting of random data and information. The sensors cannot differentiate between personal data and regular data. This development has helped fuel the privacy issue.

3) Discuss what you Perceive to Be the Implications for IT and IT Managers from the IoT. Find Two Additional Resources to Support Your Point of View. Include the Citation.

Information technology (IT) has received a boost with the advent of the IoT. Solutions for companies are becoming more internet and technology oriented thus necessitating a well informed and highly skilled human resource to manage and run the systems (Jones & Kleynhans, 2015). The progress of such companies has been slow as the IT managers struggle to use the small numbers of skilled personnel available to deal with the fast-rising demands of the business. The unpreparedness of the leaders has had an adverse impact on the corporate bodies. Some have had to undergo extra operation costs in a bid to remain relevant in technology. Despite all this, the benefits have outweighed the additional costs. 


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